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 whats next for the playstation 3 after god of was III

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Postwhats next for the playstation 3 after god of was III

What’s Next for the PlayStation 3 After God of War III?

We’re nearing the end of first-quarter 2010, and the year has already begun with a storm of phenomenal titles. While 2009 was a great year for PlayStation owners, many anticipated what has been widely considered as one of the strongest first-quarters in gaming ever. Both MAG and Heavy Rain were smash hits, and Final Fantasy XIII as well as God of War III are about to make their vigorous debuts. However, nobody has questioned the strength of the first-quarter library. The question is, what is there in store for PlayStation 3 owners after March?

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 is arguably the most anticipated title of this generation. With roughly 5-years of development and a staff of over 100-people, Gran Turismo 5 looks to solidify the series’ reputation as being a step ahead of the rest. This title looks to sport over 1000 cars, over 50 tracks, a robust online mode and tons of realism. There is no doubt that Gran Turismo 5 will be a solid title and a must-have for car enthusiasts everywhere.
The Last Guardian

Team ICO. That’s all that needs to be said to demand attention to this title. A couple trailers have been shown which show a deeply emotional experience within beautiful environments. As with the previous games by the developer, expect a captivating experience unlike any other.
3D Dot Game Heroes

To many, 3D Dot Game Heroes is just a strange-looking RPG. To others, this is a reincarnation of the golden days of gaming with an updated spin. 3D Dot Game Heroes looks to recreate the gameplay and style of vintage RPG titles such as Zelda on the SNES. Expect a simple but incredibly fun action RPG with some unique twists.
ModNation Racers

The recent closed beta for ModNation Racers left some great impressions for those who had a chance to try the title out. As with LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers has the potential to appeal to a wide-audience and is simply a lot of fun to play. Casuals will have a blast with the addictive and multi-layered core gameplay, while hardcores will have the deep online system and impressively-detailed level creator to keep themselves occupied. ModNation Racers is shaping up to be a huge hit.

Unfortunately very little is known about Rockstar’s upcoming title named Agent. Announced at E3 2009, Agent looks to try its hand at the world of espionage and assassination. Rockstar have always been consistent in their ability to develop incredibly polished titles, and hopefully Agent will be no different. Not to mention a Rockstar representative called the game “something truly spectacular”.

Final Fantasy XI is without a doubt one of the longest running online MMORPGs to date. Its successor, Final Fantasy XIV, has a lot of fans eagerly awaiting its release. While a monthly fee is required, if the amount of content included is anything like its predecessor, Final Fantasy XIV will have long legs. This title is also one of the only MMORPGs coming soon which have any shot at capturing some of World of Warcraft’s unprecedented subscriber base.
The Agency

The great thing about The Agency is that it is an online-based Massively Multiplayer Online Game. The Agency looks like an action-packed spin on the MMORPG formula which features tons of scenarios and plenty of unlocks. Along with Final Fantasy XIV, the PlayStation 3 has lots of opportunities to entertain MMO fans around the world.
Arc Motion Controller

While Sony’s upcoming exclusive PlayStation 3 motion controller might not be a video game, it will push developers to make exclusives. Sony has already announced that there will be around 10 launch titles for what many people are calling the “Arc” controller including a Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition and some PSN titles. The best part about Arc is that it “makes sense” with the standard games that gamers are already playing. The 1:1 ratio means that action fans can play the game with a standard controller or the motion controller and have two different high-quality experiences with the same game.
Multiplatform Games

As usual, the majority of titles throughout the year will be multiplatform. Many are hailing Red Dead Redemption as one of the biggest titles this year, while another title from Bethesda named Brink is also due for release. Also, titles like Lost Planet 2 and the new sports titles should bring some great vitality to 2010. Not to mention that the Episodes of Grand Theft Auto IV are finally making their way to the PlayStation 3 platform as well.
Rumored Games

There is no doubt that Sony has a handful of titles still in the pipeline unannounced. The infamous David Jaffe has been hard at work on a new PlayStation 3 exclusive for roughly 2-years now and signs are pointing to an epic next-generation Twisted Metal title. Dylan Jobe of Lightbox Studios has talked of delivering a major milestone for his latest game to Sony, a game dubbed “Warhawk in Space”. On the other hand, many are speculating that new inFamous, Killzone and Resistance titles should be announced in the coming months. While these titles might not make it into the 2010 schedule, it’s fair to say that at least one will.
It’s easy to see just how strong of a line-up Sony has for the rest of 2010. While the first three months have been incredibly strong, the rest of the year is full of diverse entertainment for a wide-range of audiences. The PlayStation 3 is consistently growing a huge library of high-quality titles in the same fashion the revered PlayStation 2 did. No matter which demographic a person belongs to, Sony is looking to deliver an extraordinary entertainment experience with the PlayStation 3.

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whats next for the playstation 3 after god of was III

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