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 Combat Report and The End of Quickscoping?

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PostSubject: Combat Report and The End of Quickscoping?   Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:43 pm

Combat Report

For those unfamiliar with Combat Report, here is a general summary. All of your in-game stats will be recorded in your Combat Report, which we’ve heard is a 5-page tabbed summary, accessible from the Multiplayer Menu. Until now, details of the stats kept in your Combat Report have been vague but Josh Olin has shed some more light on the matter.

“There are pages of in-game stats via the “Combat Record” menu in MP: Heat maps, weapon stats, KDR graphs, and more!” – Josh Olin, Community Manager, Treyarch

Similar First-Person Shooter games have kept track of how well you do with each weapon individually, as far as your kills and accuracy are concerned, but who is to say how deep Treyarch plans to go with stat-keeping? Traditionally Kill-Death Ratio (KDR) has been listed in one row in the stats menu but Black Ops promises to contain visual graphs to make that information more accessible and, perhaps, to display more information than the traditional format. Only time will tell exactly which stats will be kept in the Combat Report, but this is a great announcement for players who love to track their progress over time.


Quickscoping, in Call of Duty, is the art of using a sniper rifle in a more mobile fashion than it was intended to be used in. People who Quickscope traditionally use a high-powered sniper rifle, Sleight of Hand Pro for quicker aim-down-the-sights and rely heavily on the Aim Assist feature. This practice really got popular when Modern Warfare 2 was released, due to the option to have a quicker aim when looking down the scope of your rifle, using the perk Sleight of Hand Pro.

A Twitter user asked David “Vahn” Vonderhaar if they planned to do anything about Sleight of Hand Pro being used in conjunction with Quickscoping and he had this to say:

“Sleight of Hand Pro does not work with any sniper class weapon.” – Vahn, MP Design Director, Treyarch

Vahn is known for his sense of humor and a tendency to tease the Call of Duty community, but in this case it seems that he is in earnest. Disabling a quicker aim down the sights time would make Quickscoping much harder to do, and less frustrating for the people who don’t agree with it.
Again, only time will make things more clear for us but it sure is fun to be along for the ride until that time!
If you’re looking to discuss all of the latest Black Ops news, be sure to check out our forum. We’d sure love to see you stop by and say hello!
Also, don’t forget that we’re doing our very first Community Chat this Monday, the 20th of September! See more details here.
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Combat Report and The End of Quickscoping?

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