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 To Wish Upon a DICE (A Battlefield 3 Wishlist)

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PostTo Wish Upon a DICE (A Battlefield 3 Wishlist)

Note: This article has expertly written by Mustangfighter from the Official Bad Company 2, UK Forums.

All this below would be great but what I really want is them making me the ”core team” (the people who make the game play/graphics/concept of the game)

What they really should do is making a mix of every good part of all battlefields
from BF1942 the large scale battles (Sea/Air/Land)/Some maps
from BF2: the vehicles/weapons/maps
from BF2142: the team play/point system/the mode(titan mode)
from BFBC2: the destruction

Now I am thinking of mixing things maybe DICE could mix titan mode with modern combat like destroying a carrier instead of a titan if so please make the carrier complex so camping won’t work (not like BF2142 titans were there was only one corridor to an objective) maybe make a carrier with air shafts were people can crouch through?

Map suggestion:
I just played a couple of rounds of CoD4, since times I played Vacant (it’s an large building with lots of rooms) a great map (at least I think so) so it got me thinking would this be cool for BF3? I think it is especially for clan wars (4v4/5v5 infantry only).

Sniper suggestions
-make snipers more realistic
—-give them wind speed meters (wind effects the bullet)
—-give them binoculars (which measure the distance)/useful reference lines on their scope (large range targets require thinking and measurement not luck or ”feeling”
—-make them a easy target when walking/running around but a hard target when they hide by usage of camouflage

Also I think the sniper should be rated on how good his shots were (distance/target/advantage for the team) and not just on K/D

other Suggestions:
-in maps like Karkand/Mashtuur/Panama canal (city maps) add sewers were people can walk through (make them complex so camping won’t work)
-in jungle/mountain/desert maps add caves people can walk through
-make non-weapon unlocks like zip line/grappling hook/night vision (from bf2:sp) night vision would be great for the caves/sewers
-make the nature more wild not some simple channels/streamlets but wild rivers/waterfalls
-weather that changes during the game
-give uncaps automatic protection, give admins the option to activate automatic uncap protection something like an AA site like mini guns/patriots if an aircraft is flying near a base he will be locked if he engages the AA will shoot him down

My suggestions for Commander/Squads
–Main Functions
—-Give commands to squad leaders
—-Deploy scan
—-Spot enemies
–Secondary Functions
—-Deploy missiles/Mine drop
—-Accept airdrop requested by squad leader
–Commander Unlocks
—-Missiles (Like tomahawks ,maybe a small nuke)
—-Mine drop (airdrop with multi anti-vehicle mines)
–Score system
—-Get points for every flag that gets capped which he gave command to cap
—-Points are doubled when team wins
—-Get point for tactical missile/mine use (no reward for missiles on enemy main bases
—-Only one sniper (prevent sniper squad who mostly only camp)
—-Unlimited Medics/Anti-tank/Support
–Squad leader
—-Main Functions
——Spawn point for squad (besides flags no spawning on other squadmembers)
——Accept commands from commander
——Accept painted target by squad-member for rocket
——Request UAV/supply drop/vehicle drop
—-Squad leader extra’s
——Binoculars (able to spot and targeting for UAV rocket)
——VOIP with commander
—-Score System
——Get points for every objective he completes (more than a squadmember)
——Get points if his squad does well
—-Other suggestions
——Give Squad-members the possibility to choose for a other squad member
—-Introduce ‘’squad-points’’
—-Squad-points can be used for squad unlocks (see Squad unlocks)
—-Squad-points can be earned by completing commands
–Squad member
—-Main Function
——Follow commands of Squad leader
——Give Support to Squad leader to complete objectives
—-Squad member extra’s
——Binoculars (able to spot and targeting for UAV rocket)
——VoIP with whole squad
—-Secondary functions
——Paint a target for rocket (squadleader need to confirm rocket strike)
——Able to vote for new squad leader
—-Score system
——Get points for completing command (less than a squadleader)
–Squad Unlocks
—-UAV with radar only (3 Squad members in the squad)
——Need 3 squad members and 3 squad-points
—-UAV with radar and rocket (4 Squad members in the squad)
——Need 4 Squad members and 5 squad-points
—-Vehicle drop (3 Squad members in the squad)
——Need 3 Squad members and 3 squad-points
—-Supply drop (3 Squad members in the squad)
——4 squad members and 3 squad-points
—-Airdrop (4 Squad members in the squad)
——Need 4 squad members and 5 squad-points

How this system will work in the field
Image a squad is ordered to take a flag by the commander the squad moves in on the flag trying to cap it suddenly a tank appears. Then the squad-leader uses his ‘’-squad-points’’ to deploy a UAV with missile. The tank is targeted by a squad member through the VoIP he confirms the target is marked. Then the squad-leader gets a message if he accept or decline the target. The squad leader accepts the target and missile is launched which will destroy the tank

Another example
For all you Battlefield 2 players who played a lot of Karkand you all had rounds where USMC is pushed back in their main base with MEC camping for them leaving the main base this always results in a ‘’camping’’ round which is no fun for both teams. If this system is applied this is what USMC can do, the Squad leader can request an airdrop if this is accepted by the commander, the whole squad will be deployed in a transport aircraft (C-17/C-5/Chinook) which will fly over the battle then the squad can jump out the aircraft and skydive to a flag

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To Wish Upon a DICE (A Battlefield 3 Wishlist) :: Comments

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To Wish Upon a DICE (A Battlefield 3 Wishlist)

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