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 Killzone 3 Review by Ashley comer

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PostSubject: Killzone 3 Review by Ashley comer   Killzone 3 Review by Ashley comer I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 14, 2011 11:56 am

Ashley Comers Review on Killzone

Last week saw the Killzone 3 beta become available for everyone who is a Playstation plus subscriber.

I have spent a lot of time in the beta over the weekend and here are my thoughts.

Now there is no point in talking about the graphics in the beta, as we already know how good they were in KZ2 and KZ3 is no different, it’s just as stunning, but now you have weather effects and huge maps.

The maps you can choose from in warzone are that large you now have vehicles you get you across the map, these are the Exo suit and the much hyped and talked about Jet pack.

The exo suit is a mini type mech suit that is kitted out with rockets and serious heavy machine gun that packs one hell of a punch. These suits are great fun, easy to handle and take a lot of stopping, however running into one on the receiving end is not as much fun.

The Jet Pack was for me a complete disappointment, you would be mistaken for thinking you could fly around the map shooting down enemies from the skies, well sadly that is not a reality. It does come with its own machine gun, but I found trying to hover and shoot very tricky. Then you have the main issue, you cant actually fly anywhere with this, the boost is very limited and only goes level a level or two at a time before needing to recharge and carry on, a very underwhelming experience all round. Hopefully this will be improved in the full release.

Another thing that has been given a much needed revamp is the class grouping, the improvements include unlocking abilities using points earned from multiplayer. My personal favorite is the medic now having the ability to unlock a drone which will follow you about the map, or the fact now as a sniper you can unlock an assault rifle to use in place of your usual sniper rifle.

The last feature I found most impressive was the melee this has been given a new lease of life, I have been able to push a guy over a cliff, stab a guy through the head, or my personal favorite shoving my thumbs through the guys eyes, all of which is in stunning first person, so you can see every last bit of detail. This folks is very much an 18 rated game.

Overall I have very little negative to say about the beta, matching making is quick and straight forward, controls seemed very light to start off with, but a few matches in and I had them nailed. Needless to say I am impressed so far with KZ3 and really looking forward to its release next year.

Ashley Comer
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Killzone 3 Review by Ashley comer

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