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 Halo Reach Mission 2

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PostHalo Reach Mission 2


You and NOBLE Team, a team of Spartan super soldiers (who, unlike many other humans you'll encounter, cannot die in firefights) fly over the side of a mountain and identify a downed relay outpost and a distress beacon below. Your first objective is to investigate this beacon. Take a moment to mess around with your look/aim and other control settings. You may want to crank your look speed up a bit to medium or high for the Heroic campaign.

Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0002 Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0003

Jump down the hill and rendezvous with the team at the small circle of buildings with the distress beacon. After this you need to head to the bottom of the hill and enter a small building on the cliff's edge.

Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0004 Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0005

Achievement Tip // KEEP IT CLEAN

Kill 7 Moa during the 2nd mission of the Campaign.

To land the KEEP IT CLEAN Achievement, keep an eye out for the giant ostrich-like Moa birds in the Winter Contingency mission. The first few can be seen on the very first slope you traverse down past the distress beacon at the beginning of the level. Shoot the Moa or run them over throughout the level to get this Achievement. You won't have trouble spotting them.

Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0032 Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0033

Travel through the houses (press LEFT on the D-pad to turn on night vision in dark places) and wait for NOBLE Team to talk to the frightened natives on the far side.

Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0006 Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0007

Run up the path ahead and enter the next building. After examining the murder victims, head outside the door up the stairs and you'll get a glimpse of a Covenant alien -- a Jackal. Follow your team through the door marked A8.

Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0011 Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0012

Head down the stairs and you'll see a pack of Jackals. These Jackals don't carry shields, making them easy prey. Toss a grenade (RIGHT TRIGGER) into the pack and then finish off the remaining Jackals with your Assault Rifle.

Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0013 Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0014

Now, switch to your M6G Magnum (Y Button) and shoot the Jackals on top of the buildings in the courtyard while peeking out of the doorway. You should use the zoom function on the Magnum (click the RIGHT STICK) to hit them in the head for one-hit kills. If your shield depletes even slightly, duck back behind the wall and let it recharge.

Before leaving the area, use the Medkit on the wall if your life bar is yellow or red. While your shields recharge if you avoid fire for a few seconds, your life will only replenish itself if you are slightly damaged. If you are in the red, you'll need a Medkit.

Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0015 Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0018

Down the hill from here is a river with a covered bridge. A Covenant drop ship will deposit a half dozen Grunts here. Like the un-shielded Jackals, Grunts can be taken out with a single Magnum shot to the head. Try to pick off as many as possible from your high vantage point before heading down.

Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0136 Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0137

Try to grab a Plasma Pistol from one of the downed Grunts. These pistols are terrible primary weapons, but they serve incredibly useful -- if specific -- purposes as a secondary weapon. For instance, they render vehicles and, more importantly for the upcoming fight, they eliminate Elite shields, leaving them vulnerable to a melee attack or weapon fire. Keep your Magnum

Achievement Tip // I See You Favor a .45

Firefight with the M6G pistol.

Each easy kill you get with the zoomed-in Magnum counts towards this Achievement. Take advantage of the easy Grunt and Jackal enemies ot land this one early.

Cross the bridge and look for more Moa on the way up the hill which you can shoot for the KEEP IT CLEAN Achievement. Stick with your team of Spartans here since you;ll soon encounter a tough pack of Covenant Elite. These aliens are well-shielded and happy to use powerful weapons, grenades and occasionally an Energy Sword against you.

Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0139 Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0141

The key to taking the Elites out without heavy weapons is to use the Plasma Pistols dropped by Grunts. Fully charge a Plasma Pistol shot and near an Elite. Pass the aiming reticule over the Elite and you'll see it turn red with six points. Let go of the trigger and the charged shot will home in on your target, rendering the Elite's shields inactive. As soon as you fire, switch to your Magnum and shoot the Elite a few times -- or once in the head. You may also melee attack it.

Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0144
Halo Reach Mission 2 Reach_0145
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Halo Reach Mission 2 :: Comments

Re: Halo Reach Mission 2
Post Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:29 pm by Gamer-freak
this really helps thanks GL

Halo Reach Mission 2

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